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Transforming your data into
actionable insights

Wizeflow is a boutique consulting agency, offering data, business intelligence & financial analysis services.

We leverage the power of data to drive business decisions and growth.

Our process framework

How it works?


Define the question and/or business problem. Identify and set the goals of the analysis.


Prepare the data model


Analysis of the data


Deliver actionable insights


Collect and gather data


Cleaning and transforming

the data


Visualizing the data

Connecting Dots

Our offered services

Our offere service

Data analysis

Translate data into actionable business decisions.

Depending on the focus of the data analysis, you may gain insights on how you can increase revenues, minimize costs, attract customers and more. 


Interactive dashboards tracking KPIs and relevant metrics of your business.

Stay informed and up to date on how your business is performing just a few clicks away.

Enabling data driven decisions to all stakeholders across multiple departments. 

Data & chart visualization

Storytelling with data is one of the most critical aspects of delivering the insights in a clear and simple manner to your stakeholders, investors, colleagues, customers or anyone else for that matter.

Financial modelling

Understanding your finances including budget, targets and runway is vital for a thriving business. Our services encompass budgeting, actual vs. forecast analysis, unit economics and financial task automation, empowering you to direct your focus on your core operations.

Our previous work


Want to check out a full data analysis presentation? And a dashboard as well? Get it for free from the link below.

Click here to download

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Why work with us?

Wizeflow replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat fee.

We reduce all the unnecessary corporate blockers to the minimum and focus on what matters – delivering insights and results.

1. Agree & align on the deliverables

2. Sign the contract

3. Sign NDA (if needed)

4. Client makes the payment

5. Results delivered to the client

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